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25 Badass Affirmations to Start the Day

Coffee, Cream, and Mantras Please.

Back in my college days, I had a guy friend that used to be my biggest cheerleader in all facets of life. Be that romantic pursuits, academic challenges, or even in my fitness goals. Anytime I found myself second guessing something, he would say to me,

“KP, you need to get your mind right.”

As simple as it sounds, that phrase served as the most motivational combination of words for me at the time. I repeat them to myself to this day.

That is the beauty of positive affirmations or mantras. They can be personal and steeped in history, or just a string of words from Google that you’ve copied and pasted into your morning routine. No matter where you get your affirmations from, they can serve as a great way to get yourself motivated for the day. For some people affirmations are serious, spiritual business, and for some of us (me included), we just like to puff up our chests, curse a little, and proclaim our fierceness in the mirror before facing a challenging day. Mantras and affirmations boost our self-esteem. And with a little practice, we can replace those intrusive negative thoughts we sometimes experience in times of high stress with our positive statements.

No matter your parenting style, I think we could all use some encouragement and reinforcement, so I’ve compiled 15 great affirmations for any and every badass mom.

Body Positive

This beautiful mothering body has nourished and sustained life.

I am worthy of love.

I am more than my body.

I can be healthy at any size.

This body is merely a vessel for my beautiful soul.

Encouraging & Uplifting

I am so much more than a Mom.

I have a loving and special bond with my children.

Today I choose to see the positive aspects of life.

I was chosen to be my children's mother.

I am grateful for the gift of motherhood.

Calming Mantras

I remain calm in chaos.

I must help myself before I can be of assistance to others.

This too shall pass.

I give myself permission to make mistakes.

Each day is an opportunity to better understand my children.

Hard Days

I am not affected by the decisions made by other moms.

What other people think of me is not my problem.

Each day I grow better and wiser.

I love and embrace my children for who they are.

Perfection is never the goal.

& For Moms that Like to Swear

I am strong AF, I am capable AF, and I can handle whatever TF today brings.

This baby-making body is bitchin'.

I am one zen MF.

Today might be a shit-storm, but I will be stronger because of it.

I am doing my f#ck'ng best and that is enough.

Now wake up, strut yourself to the mirror, and get your mantra on Mamma.

You got this!

Comment your favorite positive affirmations below!


Comments (1)

Dec 14, 2022

This is very helpful. I've seen some of these and was seriously struggling to figure out what they mean. Thanks!

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